Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Secret Weapon #3 - Clothespins!

Clothespins help the glue set.

Did you know you can use clothespins for other uses (other than holding clothes on the line and keeping potato chip bags closed)? They are indispensable in my sewing room.

Cheap, wooden (or plastic) clothespins are ideal for holding glued fabric together while it sets (5 minutes). For the bottom corners of purses, I simple pinch the entire bottom corner (from the inside) and clamp with the clothespins. Don’t leave them longer than 5 minutes or you may glue a clothespin to the purse!!

WOODEN clothespins prevent burnt fingers!

You can also use wooden clothespins as a pressing aid. Hold the fabric in front of the iron (where it’s hot!) with a wooden clothespin. Or clamp the hem or other pressed item to hold the crease until it cools. You’ll notice I emphasis WOODEN clothespins for this use – plastic may melt!

Clothespins can also be used to baste a hem, hold your patterns together (while you’re working or to store) and hold flat, pressed fabric to a hanger.

Wooden clothespins are one of my secret weapons!

What do you use clothespins for?

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  1. D'oh. How could I not have thought of this for a pressing aid. Ty, Sid.