Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Make a Fabric Basket

Just in time for Easter!

Make these cute Reversible Fabric Baskets out of Jellyroll strips!

I made mine out of some jellyroll strips (I got in my "scrap bag" at Island Quilters) - it only takes 11 strips to make 2 baskets.  These are perfect for your desk to hold the mail, for your dresser to hold hairbrushes or makeup, or for your kid's small toys!  

You can even make it out of fat quarters (18" x 22") - just cut the pieces 9" wide (instead of 10").  You'll get 2 baskets out of 2 fat quarters.  Of course we've all seen sets of these - adjust the cut sizes smaller or bigger to make a set!

Materials Needed (makes 2 baskets):
  • 11 strips 2.5" wide x width of fabric (42")
  • 5/8 yard Pellon Decor Bond interfacing (heavyweight iron-on interfacing or use fleece or batting)

1) Stitch 5 strips together using 1/4" seam.  Press seam to one side.

2) Repeat with another 5 strips.You want a contrast between the Inside and Outside pieces.

3) Trim pieces to 10" x 20".

4) Cut 4 pieces of Interfacing 9.5" x 19.5".  Center on back of Inside and Outside.

5) Iron according to manufacturer's directions.  I like to flip it over and press from the right side of fabric using the wool setting on my iron.



6) Make Handles: Take the last strip and cut it in half (20" long) - you won't need the other half.  Fold lengthwise and press. Tuck in the raw edge (bring raw edge to fold) and press.  Tuck in the other raw edge and press.  I don't bother interfacing because these are more like tabs for convenience and won't get a lot of wear.


7) Edgestitch on open side strip.  Then edgestitch on folded side.  Optional: make a decorative stitch down the center.

8) Fold strip in half and cut. Cut selvage ends, if necessary.


9) Fold the two strips in half and cut, making 4 handles.  Make sure they're all the same length.

10) Pin one handle raw end 4.25" from one edge on 20" side of Outside piece. Pin other raw end beside the first end.

11) Repeat  with second handle on other edge of 20" side, 4.25" from edge. The other 2 handles will be used for the other basket.

12) Pin Inside piece to Outside piece, enclosing handles.


13) Sew with 1/2" seam.  Turn right side out and press seam to one side.


14) Fold basket on 20" side and pin, aligning raw edges and matching the seam you just sewed.

15) Stitch with 1/2" seam.  This is the side seam.


16) Make a notch at folded edge (side seam is the other edge).  Press side seam open.

17) Match side seam to notch at each b18ottom seam (Outside and Inside).  Pin.

18) Stitch Outside bottom with 1/2" seam.   IMPORTANT: It really doesn't matter which is the Inside and which is the Outside, as the basket will be reversible!  Just remember to leave an opening in one of the bottom seams (see Step 19)!!

19) For Inside bottom seam, stitch about 3.5", leave about 4.5" open, then stitch last 3.5".  It's important that the opening is at the center of the seam!


20) Push out one corner, centering the bottom seam.  Place a ruler with one end at the edge, the 2.5" mark at the seam, and the 5" mark at the other edge.


21) Mark with a pencil and stitch.  Make 4 corners (2 on the Inside end, 2 on the Outside end).

22) Cut corners off  (leaving about 1/2" seam allowance) the Inside bottom ONLY!  Cut only 2 corners and make sure this is the bottom with the OPENING!!


23) Put glue on the corners of the Outside bottom ONLY!  Fold on seamline and glue to bottom. Make sure this is the bottom WITHOUT the opening! Glue only 2 corners!!!  Hold with clothespins to set (about 5 minutes).



25) Reach into opening and turn basket right sides out.

26) Tuck Inside into Outside, finger-pressing top seam (with handles).  Push corners out well.

27) Your iron will just fit inside to give the top a nicely pressed edge.  If desired, you can topstitch this edge, but I found it wasn't necessary.

29) Fold under seam allowance at opening.

 30) Apply glue liberally inside seam.


31) Press with fingertips - it helps if you reach under into the basket to press from that side.  Hold it for a minute or two to set.  You'll notice the glue on my thumb - I'm a very messy glue-r.  Good thing it dries clear!

32) FINISHED!  After it dries, you can turn it outside out, it's REVERSIBLE!  These are my 2 baskets from one set of 11 strips.  Fill for Easter and afterwards, the lucky owner can use it to hold their mail.

Reversible Fabric Basket - Inside Out

Reversible Fabric Basket - Outside Out

Any Questions??  
What will you put in your basket?


  1. Very cute and would make a great gift for the kids, young and old to use year round. Love your ideas! thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for you kind comments, Lisa!