Monday, April 2, 2012

The Mess #2

These are some of the things I use when I sew some other things.

I know it looks like everything is delicately balanced (ok, it is).  I have this handy grid with shelves and hooks that holds it all above my sewing machine.

Just a few things squeezed into this approximately 6 square feet:
  • 2 bobbin holders
  • Unique Stitch fabric glue
  • at least 4 pincushions
  • purse labels
  • 2 containers of magnetic snaps
  • 3 bags of slide buckles and loops
  • needle threader (at least one)
  • 2 types of fabric glue I don't like
  • fabric starch (sometimes really useful)
  • Wonder Woman
  • powdered iron-on fabric glue (used once)
  • cup of fabric markers (chalk, disappearing pen, pencil, etc)
  • colored pencils
  • binding maker (at least one)
  • invisible thread
  • seam pressing bar
  • clothespins
  • a bendy skeleton
  • quilt pouncer
  • mini vacuum
  • several glue sticks
  • FSU keychain (go Noles!)
  • sewing machine oil
  • measuring tape
  • pinking shears
  • Austin Powers talking head
  • circular attachment for sewing machine
  • ruler tape
  • flashlight on keychain
  • various inspirational & collectible buttons

Rather impressive list, eh?  Or depressing...

What tools do you keep handy?

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