Monday, April 16, 2012

The Mess of Designing

Right now I'm in the midst of designing a new purse pattern - photos are done!

I've had some questions about my design process and although the steps are pretty structured for me, the actual process is messy!

My inspiration for new designs come from seeing an interesting pocket or closure or ideas from customers on styles they want.  Sometimes in the middle of designing one purse, I'll think of another! A new purse is sometimes born out of a complaint or question - this is a tad too small or why doesn't this one have a zipper?

I always start with a sketch with measurements.  I sometimes sketch over and over but almost always start with the size in mind.  Then it's time to figure out what size the pattern pieces need to be to make the purse.

Revisions begin with erasures, then lines of grouping, then scratching out.  Changes happen while I'm cutting the fabric for the prototype or construction techniques require a change in measurement.  The photo above is a fairly clean representation of the birth of a purse pattern.

All of that mess became a purse - the Journey Purse - pattern coming soon!

Remember I always say: If you don't make a mess, you don't make anything!!

What mess have you made lately?

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