Monday, April 30, 2012

Don't Fear the Zipper Foot!

Zipper FootZipper Foot BERNINA Zip Foot 4

Every sewing machine has a zipper foot (sometimes called the Zip Foot). Either the foot stays in place and the needle is moved or the foot can snap to one side or the other of the presser foot arm.

BERNINA Zip Foot 14
I like to use a zipper foot with an adjustable guide.  Normally, when you use the zipper foot to sew a zipper, you use the guide at the edge of the fabric.

But, you can feel where the zipper teeth are and use that to guide where your seam is sewn!  I find the “finger” on the end of the adjustable guide will glide right along the zipper teeth to keep your seam in the right place.

How to Sew Piping
The zipper foot can also be used to sew piping.  I baste the piping with a seam not quite next to the cord and when I sew the final seam, I move the needle towards the cord one needle position.

How to Sew Trim
To sew trim llike pom poms or beaded trim, use the zipper foot to get as close as you can to the decorative element.

I've got a detailed tutorial on how to add trim to your purse!

The zipper foot with adjustable guide can also be used for topstitching. Simply adjust the guide to the width of topstitching desired and let it glide alongside the edge of the fabric. It’s also a good way to make even tucks!

Here's a video from BERNINA on how to do it!

Zipper Tote Zipper Hobo

Make friends with your zipper foot!  Make a Zippy Tote, a Zippy Hobo, a Zippy Crop Tote, or a Zippy Wristlet

Sew It Tonight!!

ZIpper Crop Tote  Zipper Wristlet

What have you made with your zipper foot lately?

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  1. YOU made me start sewing AND not fear the zipper. Your patterns shows exactly how to deal with the zippers. Imagine I cam sew and I´m not scared!! All credit and love to you, Sid! Mia in Sweden