Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's a Snap!


Ever since I first started making baby clothes, I have dreaded "hammer-on" snaps.  But now that I'm making Snap Card Cases, I found the best (and easiest) way to attach them!

It's from Dritz and it's called the Easy Attacher.  You can use two sizes of snaps with this baby (size 15 & 16).  I like the Size 16 because they're bigger and easier to handle.  They're also easier to snap on the card case/mini wallet!

How to Put on the Snap

1) Mark the area for the snap. 

2) Poke the "pointy" side of the snap at the marking (easy to do if you mark on the wrong side - just center the snap around the dot you made).

Use the eraser end of the pencil to push down the fabric onto the points completely from the right side.
3) Place the snap pointy side up on the Easy Attacher - it will fit into the correct size indentation. 
4) Close the bottom "arm" of the Easy Attacher - the snap will be centered in the hole.

5) Drop in either the male or female side of the snap, with the channel side down (easy to spot on the male one).

6) Lower the top "arm" of the Easy Attacher.  Pound a few times with a hammer.  I like to use a small scrapbooking hammer I have.  You can actually pound too hard - the attacher is only plastic!  You don't need to pound hard, just make sure you hit dead center on the circle on top of the arm.  I'm not too good on hitting dead center, so I use a smaller hammer and pound gently about 5-6 times, using medium force.

7) Check with your fingernail that there is no separation between the snap pieces.  If there is, simply reinsert in the Easy Attacher and pound a little more.

Now you can see how easy it is to use these snaps!  Use up your scraps making Snap Card Cases!

What else do you use these snaps for?


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this post! I was kindof scared for some reason putting on these snaps, but luckily I found your post and it helped. Check it out here:

    Thanks again and I love your work, I'm officially a fan now!

    1. I'm glad I could help, Dave. I loved your blog post about it, too!! Keep on sewing.

    2. I think the funniest thing about sewing is that once you start, you can't stop! Never before I have experienced a craft that compels me like sewing. Keep blogging because you've taught me so much. :)