Monday, March 26, 2012

In my own little corner...

Sewing Machine area
Don't we all like to have everything "at hand"?  That's my excuse!

Here's a view of my sewing machine.  It's on the perfect table for me - a sturdy Horn compact sewing table with an insert made to fit my Bernina 1630.  With my pins (2 kinds of course!) & scissors handy. 

I have various tools & inspiration stuck on the wall behind a box with my neutral threads, pencils, seam ripper, 6" ruler, duster, etc. contained.

My ironing board sits to the left of my sewing area, where it's convenient.  I'm spoiled with a giant area to iron!  It's a padded plywood board I made years ago - with a layer of batting and an old wool blanket covered with myriad layers of muslin.  Every time it gets burn or torn, I just add another cover.

In the background, what can you spy?  I am quite a collector!!

I find this arrangement to most convenient to sew most things.  But if I'm quilting, I have to slide the table back to get more room!

What's your sewing area like?  


  1. Oh, so it´s here the "Lizzie bag" and all the others saw the first light? ;-)I love your corner,it`s so cosy. Mia in Sweden

  2. Hot wheels right??? lol


    P.S. Is there any chance you can take word verification off please? Once I've edited this, I think it'll be up to attempt 5 as I've been unable to read the verification word.

  3. Yes, I collect and save lots of stuff. I have loved Hot Wheels since I was a little girl!

    I have no control over the word verification - that's a security measure to keep the robots off the blog. It's very annoying sometimes, I know!