Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Mess #1

my almost-tumped-over shelft
My almost-tumped-over shelf.
Now that's what I call a messy pile.  It's actually some shelves - those cube types that are metal screens held together with the black plastic round devices you can see on the front.

Can you see?
  • box of embroidery thread
  • can of spray air
  • magnetic wand (to pick up pins)
  • bag crocheted out of plastic shopping bag strips
  • almost finished quilt (just need to bind it)
  • small fan
  • 2 quilt tops
  • various loose spools which didn't get put up 
  • several shoeboxes of scraps
  • a kit for a purse (UFO*) *Un Finished Object
You can also see they're about to fall down - or "tump" over as we say down South!  Every once in a while I take all the stuff off, put the cubes back together, then put everything back on!  I agree, I'm hopeless... 

And you can't even see the bottom cube!  Have you got a pile like this?


  1. I've got lots of piles like this! My husband always says if you stand still too long I will pile stuff on top of him. I ignore him.
    Jenny in Florida.

  2. Who crocheted the plastic bag purse??? YOU??

    1. As a matter of fact, I did. I thought it might be a good idea but I didn't really like it at all! So now it hangs there empty. At one point I thought I might use it to hold my clothespins, but...