Monday, March 26, 2012

Secret Weapon #1 Magic Eraser!

If you use fusibles your iron will get dirty! When you see brown/black gunk on the surface of your iron you need to clean it. Otherwise the gunk will be rubbing off on whatever you iron.

My secret...
I've heard of people using Spray and Wash (not so much success) and commercial iron cleaner (Dritz makes a good one if I remember to buy it at the fabric store). But the best cleaner I found is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

  • Dampen it just a little.
  • Use on a COOL iron.
  • Rub in circles.
  • When the eraser gets dirty, use a new spot.
  • When the eraser gets all mashed up, throw it away!
  • Clean often and you won't have to clean it (rub it) as much!!

Got any secret weapons you love? Watch this spot as I will be posting ALL of my secrets (you lucky people!!). 

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