Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Secret Weapon #2 - Fabric Glue

Fabric Glue is my most important secret weapon! I have tried just about all of them and ALWAYS come back to Unique Stitch. There are several reasons I like this glue best of all.

Other permanent fabric glues STINK! I mean, really! I used one that never did stop smelling, even after it dried (that pretty much ruined that purse). Unique Stitch has almost no smell.

Even though it seems a little thin, it actually holds exceptionally well fabric to fabric. I find that pressure helps - holding the fabric with a clothespin for ONLY 5 minutes gives an incredibly strong hold. More than 5 minutes can sometimes cause the glue to ooze to the front of the fabric too much; 5 minutes gives it a nice set.

What do I glue? The bottom, squared-off, corners of my purses are always glued. It gives them extra strength and body and a finished look.

You can also use a tiny dab of Unique Stitch to repair missed seams in a quilt or even a split seam (glue the split part to the remaining seam allowance.

I love my Unique Stitch. Do you have a secret weapon you love?

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