Friday, June 22, 2012

The Mess #4 Where's My Cutting Table?

The nice thing about having a good-size studio is the cutting table!

I put together several "closet" cabinets (from Home Depot) and topped them with a large piece (3 foot x 4 foot) of melamine.  It fits 2 large-size rotary cutting mats (36" x 24") perfectly and is the perfect place to rotary-cut quilts or purses, cut out clothes patterns with straight pins, and even pin-baste the three layers of a quilt.  It's also a handy place for packing up stuff to mail!

Unfortunately, like many flat surfaces in my house, it tends to gather piles of stuff!

Let's play I-Spy, shall we?  I spy a couple of Amazon shipping boxes (it was my birthday, you know), a bag of books on CD recently returned from a friend, a pile of fabric chosen by my college-aged daughter for shorts and skirts, some old (vintage!) notions my sister brought me from my mom's house, some old  magazines my daughter didn't want, and some Mapquest directions from the last trip I took.

Looks like I'd best not avert my gaze anymore - I need to CLEAN it off!!  I promise I will the next time I need to cut something!!

Do you have a place in your house that magically gathers interesting stuff?


  1. I could show you a picture of my cutting and you would feel much better! I have had no time for sewing lately between working two jobs and going on vacation. But hopefully tomorrow I will get lots done including several bags I have cut out waiting for me!

    1. Isn't it funny how vacation messes up everything at home? Hope you do get some time to sew some bags - that's the fun part (not the cutting) anyhow!!