Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Wish That Purse Was Just A Little Bigger...

My purse and bag patterns are all made with rectangles - rotary cutting makes them easier.  The best thing about this fact is that the finished size is easily adjusted!

Zippy Tote

You can make ANY of my purse and bag patterns bigger or smaller by simply adding or subtracting inches.  The rule is: if you add to the width of any piece, add the to width of ALL pieces (except strap).  Do the same if you add to the length. 

Reversible Bookbag Tote

Make a reversible bookbag tote fit an item better.  If your flute case  is 14" long, you'd want to add 1" to the length of the front and back pieces and 1" to the length of the pockets.

I didn't have enough animal print for the front/back, so I made the top band wider!
Reversible Bookbag Tote
If you don't have enough fabric for the top band of the tote (you need 4" but you only have a 3" wide strip), add 1" to the front and back to get the same 13" height of the finished bag.
Lizzie Bag

If you have a netbook and want the Lizzie Bag to fit this smaller laptop, subtract 2" from length and width of each piece (except the strap).

Just think of how many purses you can make with one pattern - try different sizes on any of my patterns.  Sew It Tonight!!

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