Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What makes the Perfect Wallet?

When I set out to design a wallet, I began with what I wanted and needed.  I also got input from fans on my Facebook page, friends, and a look at the patterns that were available at the time.

The result was the Hold It All Shopper.
This all-purpose wallet has more than 2 dozen pockets - 20 card pockets and 5 large pockets. It also has a clear identification pocket and a zipper pocket with divider for bills and coins. Use the large pockets for  receipts or coupons! There’s also a checkbook cover than can slip into its own pocket or carry separately.



I immediately made one for myself, and it seems to have held up well over the last 6 months or so.

Here's my Shopper - it's a little overstuffed.  I have glasses prescriptions, extra cards, and stamps and such in every large pocket.  I tend to carry the checkbook separately, so that gives me an extra large pocket to fill.  It's amazing how many "loyalty" cards I have - many of the card pockets have 2 or more cards in them.

But the wallet will usually close with the snap if I squeeze it.  
But I like to leave it unsnapped, with the zipper pocket open in my purse so I can grab my money without taking the wallet out of my purse.  By the way, this wallet fits very nicely in the Sheila Purse, with enough room for my car keys beside it.  It's also easy to slip my driver's license in and out of the clear pocket without having to remove the wallet from my purse, but that pocket is beginning to tear a tad at the corners (vinyl tears on the stitched line, of course).  I carry my daughter's license behind mine (it's a learner's permit I don't want her to lose) so that may have stretched the pocket.

From my experience, the only design change I'd like is a separate change pocket - my coins get "lost" in the corners of the large zipper pocket and it's hard to see with the dollar bills in the way!  As an aside, I would not choose such a light-colored fabric next time - it's getting kind of dirty-looking...

My friend Jamie was a lucky recipient of a Hold It All Shopper for her birthday. She's a University of Alabama fan, and I had the perfect fabric for her.

And HERE's her little wallet!!

EEK! Hers hasn't closed for a long time...

Let's see....there are receipts, a keychain, a couple of lists, and some coupons nestled in the folds.  Looks like she keeps her checkbook in there, which obviously adds bulk, but sometimes she just grabs the Shopper instead of a purse so she needs everything IN THERE.  This is about 8 months worth of collecting.

Her request was for pockets which allow the cards to slide in sideways, while the wallet is in your purse.  Hmmm.....

The good news is the darker fabric has held up very well.  The houndstooth is a thicker, upholstery-weight fabric which has really kept it's body over the months.

 Is there a solution to this?  Should I come up with a SUPERSIZE Hold It All?  What about the sideways-slide-in pockets?

After all, I thought I was designing a huge wallet but maybe there is a demand for something even bigger?  

And do we need a separate coin pocket? 

Please give me your ideas!!

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