Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Strip Your Purse!

Ever wanted to use a luscious jellyroll (collections of 2.5" strips) to make a bag?  Have scraps you'd love to use to  make a purse?  Can't choose between bolts of a fabric collection?  Use strips to make a purse. 

Jamie Bag   Charmer Tote 

It's really easy - I simply sew the strips together using a 1/4" seam, adding enough strips so it is more than the length (or the width) of my cut purse piece.  

Sometimes I'll cut the strips a little bigger first.  For example, if the  piece needs to be 13" (height) x 16" (width), take pre-cut jellyroll strips and cut them 14".  Sew together seven strips to make a patchwork piece about 14" x 17.5".  Trim to 13" x 16".  Repeat to make 3 more pieces and you have enough to make a Reversible Bookbag!  Iron interfacing on to the seamed piece.

Reversible Bookbag Tote

Buy yardage that coordinates for the band, straps, and pockets.  Often I will just buy solid black for this purpose. You can also buy yardage for the lining (reverse) side

Jelly Rolls are pre-cut strips, usually 2.5" in width as long as the width of the fabric.  They're great ways to get a little of each fabric & colorway of a collection!

In addition to using a jellyroll, this is a great way to use up your scraps and is suitable for Charmer Totes, Reversible Bookbags, Jamie Purses, Zippy Hobos, Tailored Totes, and even Joeys, Sheilas, and Lizzies (altho I will cover another great way to make pieced treasures out of those particular bags in another post).

Tailored Tote

If you see a fabric collection that is so fabulous you want it all, you can buy 1/8 or 1/4 yard of each bolt and piece in a similar way.  I find that strips 2" - 3" are best to show off the fabric.

Zippy Hobo

Have you stripped a bag lately?

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  1. What neat idea. Think of all the scraps that could be put to good use.