Monday, March 26, 2012

In my own little corner...

Sewing Machine area
Don't we all like to have everything "at hand"?  That's my excuse!

Here's a view of my sewing machine.  It's on the perfect table for me - a sturdy Horn compact sewing table with an insert made to fit my Bernina 1630.  With my pins (2 kinds of course!) & scissors handy. 

I have various tools & inspiration stuck on the wall behind a box with my neutral threads, pencils, seam ripper, 6" ruler, duster, etc. contained.

My ironing board sits to the left of my sewing area, where it's convenient.  I'm spoiled with a giant area to iron!  It's a padded plywood board I made years ago - with a layer of batting and an old wool blanket covered with myriad layers of muslin.  Every time it gets burn or torn, I just add another cover.

In the background, what can you spy?  I am quite a collector!!

I find this arrangement to most convenient to sew most things.  But if I'm quilting, I have to slide the table back to get more room!

What's your sewing area like?  


  1. Oh, so it´s here the "Lizzie bag" and all the others saw the first light? ;-)I love your corner,it`s so cosy. Mia in Sweden

    1. Yes, Mia! So happy to have you visit!!

  2. Hot wheels right??? lol


    P.S. Is there any chance you can take word verification off please? Once I've edited this, I think it'll be up to attempt 5 as I've been unable to read the verification word.

  3. Yes, I collect and save lots of stuff. I have loved Hot Wheels since I was a little girl!

    I have no control over the word verification - that's a security measure to keep the robots off the blog. It's very annoying sometimes, I know!